Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tamaki Int - Calliope Karanga

Calliope Karanga. This is Calliope House's Opening Karanga (Maori Welcome) for the 2008 Haka Waiata Competition. The Karanga is performed mainly by Laura who is featured also significantly on our Y7 Tamaki Intermediate School blog - tamakitales. Again with all the other footage from our Cultural Show this is from December 5th. Calliope is the 'Red' house from our school hence the colours of the uniforms. Filmed by Victor. Happy Holidays to you all!


Sue said...

Hi Guys,
What is the purpose of a Karanga? can you tell me( in English) what Laura was singing? I'm very curious!

NZWaikato said...

A Karanga is a welcome. Traditionally a caller welcomes people onto a Marae although in this case Calliope House (Red) were welcoming students to their performance. She was welcoming everyone with the 'Harae Mai' Call...