Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Samoan Lesson 3

In this lesson Gaifo and Zecillia go over some expressions in Samoan, such as happy, angry, sad and laugh and some more that you can share with your friends! The next lesson is a Samoan Sasa which will be coming later in the week!


tasteach said...

G'day girls,
Your teacher came to my blog and mentioned you had been doing a lot of videos. I have not done any of them with my class yet, because I don't know how to do them myself.

I enjoyed yours on Samoan words, because I visited Samoa last September holidays. My great great grandfather was Samoan but all I know about him is his name WIlliam Smith born 25 March 1840 in the Navigator Islands.

Keep up the great work. said...

Thank you for your comment Mr tasteach. Our school also went to Samoa last September for a school educational trip. We could help teach you to do videos for your class. Until next time. Thank you

Zecillia and Gaifo R6
Tamaki Intermediate School
Auckland New Zealand.