Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Poi Lesson 1

Learn how to make Maori poi for use in cultural activities. This is a lesson to teach you how to make poi, including all the equipment you need and the steps to take, so your ready to learn how to use them! This video is presented by Mereana (R6) with help from Charlie May (R7), Sadina (R5) and Sharma (R16).


Tamaki College said...

That was great ladies!!! You gave a really clear description. I didn't know that a poi was originally a weapon !!! I'm going to be more careful around our kapa haka group at Tamaki College from now on !!! :)

Miss Ferguson - Tamaki College
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Anonymous said...

Well done, Mereana, Sidena and Charlie May,

Your instructions were very detailed and clear. I must have a go at making poi's with my class. They seem fun to make.
Keep up the great work,
Miss Paton
Glenbrae School

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Thanks Mr Webb for your comments you have made so far. We love getting your feedback. As we have got the blog working now on all our class computers (technical problems) I'll get my class to make comments to your fantastic blog

Tamaki Today said...

Thank you miss Paton and miss Ferguson for your lovely comments we tried our best hope fully next time we are more prepared.Hope you enjoyed our video . we were really enthusiastic about doing a poi and a bit shy and it was very unique


Mrs Burt said...

What a great idea for a video blog. You certainly made it look really easy to make a poi. I think the tricky bit will be using them gracefully. I look forward to your next video with further instructions.

Mrs Burt

tdes said...

That bought back memories! Nice video :) btw ... *you're*