Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Musical

Our 2008 Tamaki Intermediate School Production is "The Quest". Sabrina spoke to the shows director Miss Dekker and we were able to film some of the auditions... wait for more installments as we build towards the show in term two!


Korero Pt England said...

Hi Sabina
That was a really interesting idea for a video. You asked the producer some good questions and it was good for the rest of us to see what is going on 'behind the scenes' with auditions this week.
Will you be letting us know who got in?
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Burt this be Sabrina thank you for your comment i'll probably have another interview with Miss Dekker and ask who is in the school production.

From Sabrina
Tamaki Intermediate