Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Virtual Tour Mar08

Virtual Tour of Tamaki Intermediate - March 2008. Filmed by Sabrina and Cecila and presented by Moli K. Guided tour of the Office, Hall and building site.


Dorothy Burt said...

Hey Moli and Tamaki Today bloggers
A big smile came over my face when I saw that Moli was back on air :)
It is so good to see you representing Tamaki Intermediate and showing us what is going on at the school at the moment. You have done such a good job of this. I hope Mr Fletcher sees this too - he will be proud of you I am sure. Keep on posting because I will be following them.
Mrs Burt

Miss Signal said...

This was a great virtual tour! Looks like you have some amazing things happening at your school. I drive past your school every morning and wonder what things might be going on in there... now I will get to know! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Great presenting Moli!

Miss Signal
Rm22 EPS, Pakuranga

Anonymous said...

Great job studetnts, I'm sure you had fun recording this video and now you have a great place to display your work. Moli, you did a wonderful job speaking and presenting. Keep up the good work everyone!

Miss Dekker

Anonymous said...

Hi Moli and Tamaki bloggers.
Great job on the clip. Moli, I am so proud to see you doing such a great job presenting. You are a natural in front of the camera, keep it up! Can't wait to see more clips and see what you guys are getting up to at Intermediate.
Mr Fletcher

Anonymous said...

hey Moli what a fantastic job! great job and i love your smiling face, you look like , wow! I am very proud of you and i will show this to my kids in room 16 at grey lynn. well done and keep up the great work.
Miss Meleisea

Andrea said...

Well done Moli. I was just back at PES with Miss Meleisea and we were saying how much we miss you older kids and now.....here you are...and looking so grown up and sounding articulate.

Well done on the presenting. I am sure I will turn on the TV one night and see you presenting for Tagata Pasifika....this is Moli K reporting from Fiji....Bula !

Big things Moli.....that's all I can see for you.

Keep it up and way to represent your "new" school.

Mrs Fale

Anonymous said...

Gidday to the Tamaki Bloggers and especially Moli.

When I heard you were back in front of the camera I couldn't wait to see your clip. Everyone's right, you did a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to more.

Tomorrow morning I'll be sharing your video with one of my classes at Southern Cross Campus. I know you'll inspire them with your work.

Mr Chung

Room 18 said...

Hey Moli
Judging by all the comments so far, I can tell that everyone knows that you are a superstar in the making. Great presenting skills as usual. To the team at Tamaki Today - YOU ROCK!

Mrs Lagitupu-Erick

Anonymous said...

Bula everyone,this is Moli. Thank you for leaving your comments I really appreciate it.Hope you keep logging on,because we got heaps of videos for you.

From Moli Room 06 Tamaki Intermediate school.