Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tamaki Int. Leaders Assembly 2008

Weren't able to make the school leaders assembly at Tamaki Intermediate School for 2008? If you couldn't beon Thursday 20th March lucky Douglas and Victor were with camera in hand, and Moli spoke to our Tamaki Intermediate Head Boy for 2008 JJ and our 2008 Head Girl Kelia straight after the assembly breifly... We've also got footage of our House Leaders for this year for Orpheus, Achilles, Calliope and Leander...


Korero Pt England said...

Hey team
That news is hot off the press! Great to hear about your leaders' assembly. Congratulations to JJ and Kelia - I am sure you will be awesome leaders.
Well done again Moli, Douglas and Victor. You must have worked hard to get that to air before you went on holiday.

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Wow Victor, Douglas and Moli great filming, interviewing and editing.
Well done Kelia and JJ on your new role.
Miss Garden
Pt England School

Room 18 said...

Wow! You guys at Tamaki Intermediate are amazing! Good to hear that Victor, Douglas and Moli are back on track showing off their skills. Congratulations to JJ and Kelia.
The blog looks awesome. You must have a really cool teacher. Well done!

Mrs Lagitupu-Erick
Pt England School.