Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tamaki Int - Cook Island Solo Dance

This is our second to last highlight from our 2008 Cultural Show - this dance is one of the solo items and its Latrell's performance from Calliope House. All of the four school houses had to have an individual dance act that represented the cutlures of the students at Tamaki Intermediate School. This is a traditional solo Cook Island dance. Latrell also performed a version of this on our schools trip to the Cook Islands in 2008. Filmed by Victor at Tamaki Intermediate School on Friday 5th December at the Tamaki Intermediate School Hall.


Sue said...

These gorgeous, talented kids are going to have so much confidence when they go out into the world on their own. How much time is allowed in the school week for learning andpreparing such polished cultural performances? It must be an amazing place to work and learn.
Glad to see your computer is up and running again :)

NZWaikato said...

Well thanks for that Sue. Students had to prepare for the competition in their own time as to not interrupt their study... the student in this case put a lot of time into her work with her parents helping...

room6 said...

awesome dancing.

Room6 has enjoyed wathching all your peformance. you were very brave to dance solo.

great performance.


Anonymous said...

hey everyone! i am from germany and i wonder whether someone could tell me if there is a possibility to take traditional dancing classes in the cook islands? like a 4-6 weeks programme maybe or regular classes? thanks for any ideas on schools, programmes, people who might have information on that...thanks, bye, kat

Samira said...

HI Tamaki inter

WOW I loved your cook Island Solo dance keep up the great work.