Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tamaki Int - Tongan Cultural Information

As part of our culture sharing with Mr Toa's Class in China our students have been writing about their own culture. This slideshare is part of an explanation of Tongan dances in culture. This is because Mr Toa class are studying about Pacific students like ourselves.

Tongan Ceremonies
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Will Piper said...

Hi Mr. Webb and Room 6. My name is Mr. Piper and I teach world cultural geography at University School of Milwaukee, in Milwaukee, WI. I am thrilled that your class found our blog and left a comment. We wrote a thank you to your class on the blog and welcome you to leave any comments you wish about anything you may wish to know about Milwaukee. We did a unit on Australia and New Zealand earlier in the year and my students loved learning about the part of the world where you live. I loved your collaboration with the class in China and really like the projects your students created.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

NZWaikato said...

Mr Piper thanks so much for your comments and our students are really looking forward to visiting your blog. What a shame that we couldn't have helped you earlier in the year with your research on New Zealand!