Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tamaki Intermediate -School Athletics

For Athletics at Tamaki Intermediate School students are categorised as Junior, Intermediate or Senior depending on their birthday at the1st of October. Students who are under 12 years and three months are Juniors, 12 years three months to twelve years and nine months are Intermediate and Seniors are those students who on the 1st October are aged 12.9 and over.

Long Jump our best Senior Girl was Katie who jumped 4.0 m. Curtis managed 4.3 m in the Senior Boys. Takawai won the Intermediate Boys with a leap of 4.2 m and this was bettered in the Junior Boys by his brother Patrick who leapt 4.5 m! Alison won the Junior Girls with 4.2 m.

Discus Senior Girl was won by Lesieli who threw 20.9 m. Vasini threw 25.9 m to win the Senior Boys, Ricky won the Intermediate Boys with a throw of 22.5 m, and the Intermediate Girls was won by Moli (yes, that Moli) with 19.4 m! Kathy won the Junior Girls Discus by throwing 20.7 m. However all these results were bettered by Samisoni in the Junior Boys who threw an impressive 28.0 m.

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