Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tamaki Int - How to Make a Hangi

How to make a Hangi
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As part of our information sharing with other schools around the world our students are very excited to be helping Mr Toa's class at the American International School in Shanghai with their study of Maori people and Pacific people. Dakota and Mereana created this sideshow based upon a procedural piece of writing that gives you instructions about how to create a Hangi. There's also a podcast about this on KPETV!


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Dylan
and my partners name is manal
we are stuck on some questions on the Maori tribe. Can you please help us?
The questions are:

What are some important ceremonies in the Maori culture? and How do they preform their ceremonies?

my blog is

tamakitoday said...

Thanks for your question Dylan - we'll get it answered early next week. The students are loving being used as experts for this!

Manaiakalani said...

Good work with the slide show Dakota and Mereana! I wonder if they will try out your methos and send back some photos?
I hope Johnny and Cruz are proud to have had their podcast get a mention on your blog too!
Keep up the good work
Mrs Burt