Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tamaki Int. Y7 and R15 Blogs

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At Tamaki Intermediate we are very excited to round off the term with lots of more teachers involved in blogging. Most of you will know that the Y7 students have their own blog site called tamakitales! The slider above is some work that Miss Walley has been doing with her classroom. It was a nice touch that they were helped with their presentations by Sabrina, Moli and Victor who were sharing the skills that they've developed this year.

Not only that but now Room 15 have started blogging as well. Hopefully they can generate the sort of buzz created by blogs like Grey Lynn Primary School and Tanielu's blog from Point England School. Its fantastic to have these other sites producing work. Tomorrow we have a big event the School Athletics (Day 1). Weather permitting. One of the things that we will be doing this year is posting the best results online! We'll put down for instance the best throws in Shotput so you can compare yourselves to Tamaki Intermediate School! Of course we'll be taking footage both still digital images of the day and recording video footage for this blog! Stay tuned!


Wm Chamberlain said...

Blogging is both addictive and frustrating. I either find I don't have time to post what I would like, or that I forgot to collect the media I would like to use.

I used to tell my wife I hated to use my video camera. I thought that I was missing what was going on because my eye was always watching the screen. Now I kick myself regularly for not having my Vado when I need it.

Mr. C

tamakitoday said...

Collecting media is probably the biggest bugbear that I have. Always having technical difficulties, like having the camera charged and things like that. Its the interactive aspect of the blogging that I'm the most pleased with (thanks again for your class Sasa) and that's what got me the most excited this year, unfortunately we will be finishing in another six weeks and then have an six week break! Roll on 2009!