Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tamaki Int. - Sasa Instructions 3


Room10 said...

We would have loved to have learnt the Sasa but we have the NZ Speech Board assessments very soon and are getting ready for a Pantomime so life is full on as you can imagine. We would love to learn it next year with your help as part of the dance part of the Arts curriculum. Thanks for the invite though.We value your comments and recognition of our blog. Thanks heaps guys.
Annie & Room 10

tamakitoday said...

That's alright Room 10 it sounds like you have a huge amount of work to do in the near future. Keep up the great work.

Easter Carmuirs said...

Those instructions are really clear and easy to follow. You seem to have it all planned out.

Do you get to perform the Sasa in school?

When would a Sasa be usual performed? Does it fit in with any particular special event?

Mr O.

sabrina and gaifo said...

Thanks Mr O for leaving a comment on our powerpoint we are so pleased that the instructions are easy to follow.We get to perform the sasa at school for special occasions for our Haka Waiata performances but mostly for churchs ,schools and holidays.

from sabrina and gaifo
tamaki intermediate, Aukland

Andrea Mennella said...

Hi from Italy!
Congratulations for this.
It's a great intercultural sharing!

Primary School Teacher at "San Filippo" Primary School, Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy

Andrea Mennella said...

My students would love to receive a postcard from your beautiful land.

Our addrees is:
Scuola Primaria "San Filippo"
Via Borgo Inferiore 7
I-06012 Città di Castello (Pg)

We will send a postcard back!

tamakitoday said...

I haven't thought about sending a postcard, but that's a really interesting idea. I'll get onto it!

emalyn said...

Your school has a lot of cool things.
How do you people afford to buy those things they are very cool.